Kraft Bags

About Product

Kraft paper is widely used in the paper bag industry. Kraft paper comes in 2 original colours: white and brown. Both colours are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Since it is 100% machine made, Kraft paper bags are a cost effective selection preferred by high volume businesses. Although the original paper only comes in 2 original colours, it can be printed in any colour by flexographic (flexo) printing. We can apply 8-colour printing using our flexo printing machines. Kraft bags cannot be laminated, textured, or foil stamped.
There are 2 handle types for kraft bags, twisted paper and flat paper handles. Twisted paper handles preferred by garment and cosmetic companies, flat paper handles preferred by food industry. As KentPack we only make twisted paper handled kraft bags.

Paper Types: White or Brown Kraft
Bag Size: Custom
Min. and Max. Sizes: Width: 18 – 54 cm Depth: 8 – 18 cm Height: 20- 60 cm
Paper Thickness: 100 GSM
Printing Methods: Flexo
Printing Colours: Custom
Handle Types: Twisted Paper
Handle Ends: Glued
Handle Colours: Custom
Bag Strength: Up to 6 kg
MOQ: 10,000 pcs
Production Capacity: 200,000 pcs/week