Hang Tags & String Seal Clips

About Product

Hang Tags are another wonderful way to express your message to the fashion world and highlight your commitment to quality. Hang tags enhance your brand and make your products more desirable.
Logos can be debossed or embossed. Foil stamping can be applied to an embossed logo. You can see pictures of some of our hang (swing) tag and seal models below to get ideas for designing your own tag.
Brand seals are an important aspect not only for branding but also as security measures. They prevent manipulation of price tags and return frauds.
Brand seals are used for brand identification in the apparel, garment, watch, and jewelry sectors. They are formulated using top quality raw materials and the latest technology. Combinations of seals and tags are attached to shirts, jackets, trousers, jeans and others textiles. Brand seals are manufactured in various colors and sizes to meet your needs.
Here are our seal clips models
• Mono Block String Seal Clips
• Mono Block Ribbon Seal Clips
• Duo Block String Seal Clips
• Round Shaped String Seal Clips
• Square Shaped String Seal Clips
• String Locks