Corrugated Mailing Boxes

About Product

Custom printed mailing boxes are perfect for a professional look and feel. Our extensive and exclusive range of boxes gives you all the choice you need to find the perfect size mailing box for your delivery needs. Printing both the inside and outside of your box can be both luxurious and fun for the recipient when the box is opened.
Corrugated cardboard is widely considered the best material for mailing boxes. It is both lightweight and offers excellent crush resistance. Depending on the size of the box required and the weight of the product inside, we may recommend a different thickness of cardboard for protection and undamaged delivery.

Corrugated cardboard comes in 2 original colours. Brown and white. Brown mailing boxes give the impression of strong environmental values and craft, ideal for handmade or artisan products. On the other hand, white mailing boxes are a fantastic base for colorful graphics, with a clean and professional finish. All of our postal boxes are flat-packed to reduce shipping costs and provide convenient storage.